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Our Artists

Nordton aka Nomad

Nordton aka Nomad was born in Rostock in 1993 and has always been passionate about music. Known for its extremely varied sets especially on small open airs and underground work he became more and more popularity and was able to even now get bookings in some clubs and events(including Luna Eclipse). In the end of 2013 he came to City Sounds Records and is now producing his first tracks to be released soon under this label.

Nils S.O.B.

Nils S.O.B. Born on 9.2.1985 in Rostock has always been very engaged with electronic music . In 2001, he came the first time in contact with professional DJ Equipment like two Turntables and a mixer by a very good friend . From then he discovered his passion on Dj'ing and bought gradually his own equipment . First, he played only on private partys. In 2006 he got the chance to play in a nightclub in Rostock (HCC -P18 ) . The operator was excited from the beginning and then he was placed as a resident DJ at this nightclub . 2008 this Nightclub closed , and Nils came back to normal world of work. In 2011 its musical carreer continues through new contacts and many musical influences. Already in 2011 he bought Traktor Scratch Pro and other equipment and now mixes one set after the other. His sound is now as opposed to earlier times from tech-house and minimal techno and techno. Furthermore Nils is not just DJ traveling , but is also effective in the event series ' Luna Eclipse ' . There he works in the booking and management departement which really is a welcome variety for playing Vinyls.


Martin aka Nerda 1980 saw the light of day. From his childhood, he was fascinated by the first electronic sounds in music history. From the beginning, he fell in love with the then unusual sounds of Kraftwerk, Anne Clark, Yellow and many more. In the 90's interest was Marusha, Westbam, Afrika Bambaataa, Moby, Jam & Spoon increasing. 1996 he met Stefan, of him through his great music collection, now finally pulled into the spell of electronic music. In the following years he won impressions of Trance, Acid, Hardcore, PsyTrance, House, Chicago, Frankfurt, and many more. Through visits to many clubs, slowly but surely, the idea was growing in him, but try it yourself at times with the handset. 1997 when Stefan then a few MK2 grew, he took his first steps as a DJ. End of 2010, he bought a few Turntable and a mixer, for which he had inserted an almost 9 year hiatus. The influence of early electronic music impressed Nerda´s set´s today and he digs also like a couple of old school stuff from the record box. True to the motto mainly dark, hard and loud.

DJ Cubex

Cubex is a young and emerging artist with has a very strong passion for any kind of music. Starting with a private hobby, in which he taught himself the art of DJ’ing, first small parties and birthdays which he supplied with music, he came in 2006 at a small local Radio station in Rostock. In the same year he made his first appearance in a small club in Rostock. Driven by the idea to inspire more people with his music, he developed steadily and consequently his music. What makes him even more in many other clubs brought in and around Rostock. 2012 began DJ Cubex to produce his own tracks. Driving tech-house and melodic progressive house is one of his favorites during production. His DJ sets with danceable minimal and tech-house tracks are so amazing that people freak out on the Dancefloor.

Dirk Grambow

Born in Rostock and has always been passionate about music. In his youth he listened to bands like Depeche Mode and U2. Later EBM music such as "And One" and "Front 242" came more interesting to him. Since 1994, he is fascinated by electronic music and has since been an integral part in his life. His first Vinyl Records were for example by DJ Hell, Laurent Garnier and Sven Väth. In 1995 Dirk has taken his first steps with DJing. This passion he reserved for himself in today. He already played at various local clubs and is already Resident DJ in an event series. Since 2012, he produced his first own tracks and does this continuously to today. 2014 Dirk joined the Label CitySounds and there he realease some of his Tracks.

Johannes Derer

Biography comming soon!


Since 2005, Elektroilse enriches the club scene in Rostock and surrounding areas. The musical spectrum of him is very versatile, and thus also so varied. The musical philosophy of his moves from electro, deep house through to melodic techno. In the last 8 years he played on the side of some well-known acts such as Paul Kalkbrenner, Stephan Bodzin, Andreas Henneberg, Micro trauma etc. Since April 2013 he is an integral part of the party series "Luna Eclipse" which takes place every 3-4 months in Rostock. After almost 10 years, he enjoys growing popularity not only in Rostock but also in the whole of Germany.

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